The company was founded in the mid 80s by the passion and commitment of Gino Epis. This young Italian entrepreneur entered the world of clothing by creating a small workshop in his own garage.

There he began to produce trousers to be placed in the ready-to-wear market. In 1992, thanks to his creative intuitions and the  acquired know-how, he founded ESSENZA, a line of outerwear which in short time became one of the most beloved brands among young people, both in Italy and abroad, reaching its peak in 2003 with a 35-million turnover and 1 million and 6 hundred thousand garments produced.  


The accuracy of the market research and the strong desire for innovation were at the base of the creation of the new brand YES-ZEE, which was launched by the company in 2008.

YES-ZEE picked up ESSENZA’s knowledge with success, by reinventing the informal and young lines and projecting itself in the new millennium with total-look urban-inspired collections, refined in details and with modern and sophisticated finishings.


YES-ZEE aims to offer a product with a great value for money, able to respond to the tastes of a cosmopolitan and modern consumer,  developing collections rooted in the Italian culture and taste, with an eye  constantly looking towards the new trends of the international fashion scene.


In a continually evolving market such as the one of clothing, YES-ZEE aims to be a benchmark for multibrand shops around the world.  YES-ZEE, with its quality and its cost-effective products, can be positioned in the middle segment. Thanks to its simple and functional apparel, suitable for every situation, it can be part of the wardrobe of every man, woman and child .


ES-ZEE collections are made for consumers between 20 and 50 years old, who see in clothing a way to express themselves. Wearing YES-ZEE means being open to change and keeping up with the latest trends. It means feeling comfortable in any contexts, being dynamic and aiming to the essence of things.

YES-ZEE Junior collection, launched in 2011, was created for children and teenagers between 6 and 16 years old and shares the same trendy spirit of YES-ZEE men's and women's collections.


The creative process begins with a research and analysis of the newest fashion trends. The accurate choice of fabrics and materials is part of the wide experience of the company's product managers, who have developed over time a significant technical knowledge in the textile and fashion-accessory sector. Every single detail is subject to a thorough study which can last days and even months. This is meant to offer original and durable apparel to all YES-ZEE consumers.

Production and logistics

YES-ZEE production is active worldwide. Italy, Portugal, Romania, Pakistan and China are just some of the countries where the company has established strong partnership with suppliers, who are selected among the most reliable ones and supported during the whole process of production, in order to maintain the high quality standards required by the market.

The impeccable customer service is guaranteed by two warehouses, both located in Lombardy, in the north of Italy. The main one is part of the company's headquarters of 8000 sqm, located in Cerete, a small town near Bergamo. With its adiacent ironing department, it receives, reconditions and ships more than 10.000 items per day. The other warehouse, which is located inside the well-known Centro Tessile Milano in Cernusco Sul Naviglio, boasts 1550 sqm of surface and offers a ready-to-buy service to its customers.


YES-ZEE is part of 800 multibrand stores in Italy, and of more than 400 abroad. The company’s goal is to branch further out and to enter the Northern Europe and Asia markets. The distribution network includes also 8 single-brand shops, 4 outlets and 8 multibrand properties.

Efficient operational processes, fast delivery and continuos reassortment allow the company to respond promptly to customer requests, by minimizing inventory and by maintaining a high stock rotation index. All of this results in an increase of sales and in a greater profitability, both for the company and for its partners.

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication strategies are developed in three main directions: points of sale support, editorials, and social web strategy.

YES-ZEE develops trade marketing programs which focus on supplying the points of sale with material to set up personalized corners. For each season, a look book illustrates the collection mood.

Thanks to the long-term collaborations with two important Italian publishers, Mondadori and RCS, YES-ZEE has increased its visibility on some of the most popular Italian newspapers such as Donna Moderna, TuStyle, Panorama, ICON, Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport. The investments in web marketing are supported by an active communication strategy on the main social channels, directed to both customers and final consumers, managed by an internal team and supervised by an external agency.


YES-ZEE has been partnering with the radio station RTL 102.5 for years, with which it collaborates for the organization of events and for the production of merchandising apparel. Thanks to this partnership the company gets advertising spaces within the radio programs, which count over six million listeners per day.

YES-ZEE also sponsors and manufactures merchandising for Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, the professional Bergamo football team engaged in the Serie A League and also in the UEFA Europa League for the season 2017-2018.

Viale G. Donizetti, 51
24020, Cerete (BG) - ITALY
T +39 0346 640 111


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